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SA Brothers - Who we are


We are a Not for Profit Association, dedicated to reducing the stigma that surrounds men’s health by creating an open, non -judgmental platform, providing support to all those in need.

We actively encourage positive outlooks and behaviors and create a bond between mates.

The S.A Brothers Team has been able to use mate ship, life experience and understanding to change future outlooks and bought many members back from the edge.


Using social media as a platform to provide a non -judgmental way for men - no matter what background, age, race, sexual orientation or religion -  to just be blokes, ask questions and seek advice. 

This is not a group that feeds off each other’s misery.

Whatever problems a member may have, there is always someone within this extensive network who is willing to help. This is a strength that differentiates us from many other organisations.

We have worked with countless members statewide who came into the group considering self harm or suicide. We have managed to change their views through continued support and mateship.

Assisted many members with employment, and helped to improve their lives with ongoing support such as food parcels, clothing, vouchers etc.

Creation of a Red Cross blood donation, Movember and Dry July fundraising teams.

Eight people take their own lives in Australia each day.
Astoundingly six of these eight are Men.
In eighteen day's time another 100 men will also tragically follow.
One in eight Men nationwide will experience depression or anxiety in their lifetime, many of these cases going unrecognised and untreated.


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