John Denholm: Founder

Age 27, John founded S.A Brothers in late 2017 after seeing an gap in the system regarding help for Men in the state and dealing with his own personal issues.

John works for Snowyhydro taking care of the maintenance and project planning work for three diesel power stations here in S.A. 

John has completed his Mental Health First Aid Certificate and the Suicide Prevention course.


Jarrad Wadmore: Vice President

Age 37, Jarrad has been a member of S.A Brothers since the beginning and more recently, joined the Admin team in mid 2018.
He currently lives and works in Hong Kong as a pilot. He has been involved in the aviation industry for the past 19 years.

There is much more work to be done in the Mental Health area, particularly for men Australia wide. Jarrad sees S.A Brothers as the perfect platform to help give back to those that need this support.

Jarrad has completed his Suicide Prevention Course.


John Koopman: Treasurer

Age 43, John has worked in various industries from printing, government, education, ministry, youth work, operations management, and currently restaurant management but he has also worked with a wide range
of people with substance abuse and Mental Illness.

John came on board in early 2019 after having suffered from depression and social anxiety.


John has completed his Suicide Prevention course.


Cameron FootneR: Secretary

Age 25, Cameron is studying Mechanical Engineering part-time at University, while also working as an Assistant Engineer concurrently.

Cameron suffered the hardest months of his life as the group was just
starting out back in late 2017 and was helped by the members to get through. Cameron came on board mid 2018 to help give back to the group that had helped him through his darkest times.


Cameron has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid. 

Daniel Rawson

Age 46, Daniel has been in the plumbing industry for 30 years. Married with 4 boys all who are now young men.

He has been through a divorce with children involved and previously owned his own business with its ups and downs. Through that, he has learnt how to cope and adapt to both the good and bad times in life.

Daniel came on board in early 2018 and brings a broad range of life experience to the team making him a valuable asset.


Daniel has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.


Rik Carr 

Age 37, works in the hospitality industry and loves to BBQ. Rik's passion is helping other fathers spend time with their children. He also wants to help younger blokes become better role models for the future generation. 

He came on board in Mid 2018 after having someone close to him go through some serious Mental Health issues.




Craig Howard 

Age 40, Craig has been involved in many industries including horticulture, warehousing and spent several years as an outback tour guide. Craig now works as a Community Access Mentor for clients within the NDIS system.

He came on board after being involved in a serious workplace accident that left him unable to walk properly for 3 months. He has had close friends suicide and at once stage found himself contemplating it.

Craig is now committed to making a positive impact on people's lives and sharing his life experiences.


Craig has completed his Suicide Prevention course.


Shane Booth

Age 23, Shane has been employed in the aged care/disability support work sector for the past five years.

He came on board after several months helping behind the scenes in late 2019. Shane is committed to making a positive impact on people's lives through S.A Brothers and sharing his life experiences. Shane’s knowledge in the aged care/disability sector makes him an asset to the team.

Shane has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.



Age 40, Seamus has been in the sound and lighting industry for twenty years and also spent 5 years at the University of Adelaide. 

Seamus came on board in late 2019 after helping behind the scenes for quite some time. He brings a broad range of life experiences to the team, making him a valuable asset. His passion and drive to help those in need are second to none. 


Seamus has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.



Age 33, Ben has had a vast experience in both mental health and communications. Working in print, media, design and digital realms he has a skill set that suits the teams needs.

Having previously also run a campaign for men's mental health; BlackDog Hunting Society, which then merged with SA Brothers in 2019. He has first-hand knowledge and know's the complexities of men's mental health.
He is also the one to blame if the site goes down, the shirts don't look right or there's a spelling error in the decals!


Ben looks forward to completing the forthcoming Mental Health First Aid. 



SA Brothers Inc. is always in need of fellow minded individuals who can step up and support those around them.
Whilst we encourage strong communication skills, a dedicated mind set to helping out those around you and ability to engage with the members needing assistance, we are also a non for profit organisation.

All of the work done here is off the back of the team, it's not often pretty but the rewards are unequaled.

We are always in need of new help in every aspect.

If you think you have skills that might help, and the time and availability to do so, feel free to contact us at any time.

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