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John Denholm

John Denholm: Founder/President


Age 29, John founded S.A Brothers in late 2017 after seeing an gap in the system regarding help for Men in the state and dealing with his own personal issues.

John works for BMD Group as the state Procurement Manager for S.A.

John has completed his Mental Health First Aid Certificate and the Suicide Prevention course.

Jarrad Wadmore

Jarrad Wadmore: Vice President


Age 37, Jarrad has been a member of S.A Brothers since the beginning and more recently, joined the Admin team in mid 2018.
He currently lives and works in Hong Kong as a pilot. He has been involved in the aviation industry for the past 19 years.

There is much more work to be done in the Mental Health area, particularly for men Australia wide. Jarrad sees S.A Brothers as the perfect platform to help give back to those that need this support.

Jarrad has completed his Suicide Prevention Course and Mental Health First Aid.

Daiel Rawson

Daniel Rawson

Daniel Rawson.png

Age 46, Daniel has been in the plumbing industry for 30 years. Married with 4 boys all who are now young men.

He has been through a divorce with children involved and previously owned his own business with its ups and downs. Through that, he has learnt how to cope and adapt to both the good and bad times in life.

Daniel came on board in early 2018 and brings a broad range of life experience to the team making him a valuable asset.


Daniel has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.

Adam Dobson

Adam DobsoN:Treasurer


Age 28, Adam comes from a background in mechanics, paint and panel with several years of retail in there too, became amputee after a 2-year fight with infections in his left foot. 

Currently working as a disability peer support worker, focused on men to help them get back into the community and live a positive life.

Adam has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.

Kiel Brooks

Kiel brooks


Age 36, Kiel has worked in finance and pawnbroking for the last ten years, working for a family owned company where people are customers, not numbers. Moved back to Port Augusta after 22 years in Adelaide.

Kiel joined S.A Brothers in late 2018 and came on to the team in early 2021.

Kiel is yet to complete Suicide Prevention and Mental Health First Aid, these are pencilled in for early 2022.

Shannon Morgan

SHannon Morgan: Secretary


Age 40, Seamus has been in the sound and lighting industry for twenty years and also spent 5 years at the University of Adelaide. 

Seamus came on board in late 2019 after helping behind the scenes for quite some time. He brings a broad range of life experiences to the team, making him a valuable asset. His passion and drive to help those in need are second to none. 


Seamus has completed his Suicide Prevention course and Mental Health First Aid.

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